A festival celebrating human wisdom

The World’s First Festival celebrating Human Wisdom

Come believe that You belong.
You can learn. You are valued.

Early 2020 | Location TBA


FUEL Human Festival is world’s first festival designed to exchange and share human wisdom.

A 4 day immersive journey of self-exploration, story-telling, exchanging philosophies and most importantly learning and sharing the wisdom of our lives with people like and unlike us.

An escape with 100 soul-seekers, curious-minds, and wonder-filled humans who will gather together to pass on what they know for sure and learn from the experiences of people from common corridors of life in an uncommon classroom…

…in the woods of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.


 Wisdom of people.
Stories of significance.
Creating a constellation.


Not just a festival, but a collection of Journeys

(What to expect?)


Gain authentic wisdom

Life lessons that have been lived amidst sweat and tears, laughter and loneliness, glory and glitches. Not just constructed to put out as quotes on instagram or twitter but rather laced with awe-inspiring back stories of how one learnt them.

Indulge with ingenious communities

Diving headfirst into age-old traditions of making art originate. With skilled rural artisans you will be learning techniques to weave, ways to wood carve and paint with your fingers.

Indulge in something different

A transgender will read you her poetry, a doodle expert will help you laugh at your quirks, a woman who walked the country on foot will share why living your purpose is more difficult than finding it. An aged refugee will reminisce about childhood during partition and protecting innocence.

Find validation of many folds

Every crazy person in the world wonders whether they are the only one. The good news is there are many more. You are not alone. And the great news is we are bringing them together.

Take a break, say hi to mindfulness

Pausing to reflect, listening to introspect, communicating through silences and breathing voluntarily. There are many ways to be mindful and we are unearthing new definitions everyday.

Collect untamed inspiration

We are unleashing the fragrance of motivation through curated connections. You have the full freedom to come loaded with pens, brushes, colors, instruments to shape it in your expression.

Experience the best of Project FUEL

Experience the best of Project FUEL, learnings & lessons collected over 10+ years in 4 continents of the world and over a 500 public talks and workshops. Get unparalleled access to all of it!

Learn from unfamiliar sources

Each journey designed for the festival is a result of decades of living, experimenting, innovating and creating. Where can you really instantly search for the life lessons of man who has seen 12000 deaths or anecdotes on adventure of a street performer?

Come belong

Beyond the world of excel sheets and presentations, cover letters and appraisals, assignments and evaluations, there is a field - we will meet you there.

Promise to Smile a lot and tear up a little

Polishing your own narrative with moments of self-realisation, in the company of a safe tribe. Appreciating your vulnerabilities as strengths and encouraging others around you to do the same is bound to make a half moon rise on your lips and a stream roll out of your eye.


Agenda - 2019 edition


Love note from the Founder

It’s been 10 years since I started collecting life lessons from across the world. Project FUEL, today, is home to some path-breaking projects, unique methodologies, innovative ideas, world-renowned campaigns, painted villages, inspiring films and all things life lessons. It’s been my long-standing dream to bring the essence of these diverse experiences under one roof and here we are - at the very first and exclusive edition of the FUEL Human Festival.

From life lessons of Syrian refugees to those of sex-workers from the red-light districts, the wisdom of women from Masai tribe in Africa to folktales from the glacial villages of rural mountains, I am so excited to facilitate for you an opportunity to look at life through the lens of lessons it has taught people of all shades. Never-heard before speakers, conversation bunkers, fables and ancient wisdom, alluring installations and profound connections; joy is rising in my heart, just thinking, about having you over at our soul sanctuary.

Inviting you to this lavish buffet of wisdom and you can eat to your heart’s delight~


Come experience a lifetime worth of learning enveloped in four days of mini journeys and magnificent memories.


FUEL Human Festival has been designed by the happy humans at Project FUEL.

Over the last decade, the FUEL team has harnessed the power of human wisdom through education, art and media. Designing life lessons of common people into unconventional experiences, in the process, building bravehearts in Nepal post the earthquake, integrating refugees displaced from war-torn countries, documenting learnings of children in Afghanistan, celebrating the wisdom of women in Africa and gifting the world it’s first village of life lessons in India.

Project FUEL is home to a tribe committed in making each life count, one life lesson at a time. Here is one such Life Lesson from Mukti Bhavan, Varanasi. You can see more videos from FUEL here.


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