Programme Fee


Our soul sanctuary is waiting to welcome you. Stories from grandmothers, artisans teaching traditional crafts and a safe space for self-inquiry. A small price to pay for a valuable experience.




The participation fee for the program is INR 19,990 (USD 290) per person. Costs are inclusive of food, accommodation on sharing basis for all days (3 nights and 4 days), local in-city travel for arrival and departure, experiences, activities, sessions & workshops.

INR 19,990



For young scholars (students in academic and non-academic institutions), we have a special discounted fee of INR 14,990 per person. This will be only available to 12 boys and 12 girls and the stay will be in the FUEL Dorm. Use the application form for applying as a student.

INR 14,990


What do you get?

Get out in the woods, learn from the ones that you don’t cross paths with, realign & remix.

  • Access to all Festival Stages

  • 20+ Sessions, Masterclasses & Workshops

  • Your personal life-lesson journal

  • Shared Stay with others like and unlike you

  • All you can eat buffets & delicious mountain food spread

  • A Collective of Humans that will become your friends

What to expect?


Meaningful connections

No one is allowed to bring along their business cards to the festival. Yet we promise that you will walk away with a tribe of inspiring creators, artists, dreamers and doers. A web of long-lasting relationships.

New friends

The world is full of people who can be your closest friends, sound boards, collaborators, cheerleaders, role-models, admirers and believers. Just that you haven’t met some of them yet. Maybe this is an opportunity to unite with them. Engineered serendipity, we think, they call it.

Moments of mindfulness

Pausing to reflect, listening to introspect, communicating through silences and breathing voluntarily. There are many ways to be mindful and we are unearthing new definitions everyday.

Knowledge that one cannot simply google

Each journey designed for the festival is a result of decades of living, experimenting, innovating and curating experiences. Where can you really instantly search for the life lessons of man who has seen 12000 deaths or anecdotes on adventure of a street performer?

Tools to breaking stereotypes

We are not looking for famous faces, influencers with million of followers or those who with an illustrious academic background but rather those who are students of life, paying attention to each chapter and willing to pass on their notes for the rest of us to graduate into a new level of awesomeness.

Soulful and unfading conversations

Encounter the remarkable joy of sitting across someone and finding common threads about the simple things that matter in life - relationships, love, friendship, dreams, hope, happiness and most importantly, about who you are and not what you do!

Warmth and belonging

Beyond the world of excel sheets and presentations, cover letters and appraisals, assignments and evaluations, there is a field - we will meet you there.


Authentic wisdom

Life lessons that have been lived amidst sweat and tears, laughter and loneliness, glory and glitches. Not just constructed to put out as quotes on instagram or twitter but rather laced with awe-inspiring back stories of how one learnt them.

Heartfelt surprises

Discovering things about yourself that you perhaps did not pay heed to before or found time for. Pausing to reflect and rejoice over all shades of your being like attempting in a marathon of five senses.

New perspectives

What does parenting look like from the point of view of a child? Raising a family for a father? Financial management for a housewife? Forgiving oneself for a convict? Listen to the answers of these thought-provoking questions from the people who are breathing examples.

Promise to Smile a lot and tear up a little

Polishing your own narrative with moments of self-realisation, in the company of a safe tribe. Appreciating your vulnerabilities as strengths and encouraging others around you to do the same is bound to make a half moon rise on your lips and a stream roll out of your eye.

New skills super-power

Diving headfirst into age-old traditions of making art originate. With skilled rural artisans you will be learning techniques to weave, ways to wood carve and paint with your fingers.

Meeting and learning from people unlike you

A transgender will read you her poetry, a doodle expert will help you laugh at your quirks, a woman who walked the country on foot will share why living your purpose is more difficult then finding it. An aged refugee will reminisce about childhood during partition and protecting innocence.

Validation of many folds

Every crazy person in the world wonders whether they are the only one. The good news is there are many more. You are not alone. And the great news is we are bringing them together.